Apologies again for my absence !!! 21/04/19

Hello all .  Finally able to add more content here , sorry it is a case of doing as much as I can while i am feeling reasonably well at the moment .  The vertigo is certainly a big issue with regards to my computer usage , if I use my laptop for too long I am usually very unwell for at least three days but I love doing this and I will continue to do so !!  

I have stuck to the not buying any books , I have been reading what I already have in my library and on my kindle  , also I have listened to a couple of audiobooks recently to try and get my Goodreads TBR list reduced a bit .  At the moment I am reading Star Wars Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber which is a zombie book , very different from any other Star Wars book I have ever read !!  Review will be up next month for that one .

Happy New Year 2019 .

Happy New Year 


Hello again everyone !  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas ( If you celebrate it )  I sure did .  It was nice to spend some quality time with my family and share good food and drink .  New year was quiet, we don't do anything special for it .  I spent the day watching movies which I enjoyed and read a book later in the day .  I haven't made any resolutions as I don't think they work !  I do have goals but not just because its the New Year .  I hope to be able to do more on here in 2019 .  I must also try and fit in a giveaway somewhen very soon .  I am going to be asking for random numbers from people to help me read my TBR .  I already have enough picked for Jan and Feb so keep your eyes peeled on FB for me asking at the end of Feb so i'm all set for March .  

Update for August and Beginning Of September 2018

Hello everyone , I've just notice that I haven't updated my blog for a month !  Oops !!!!  I just don't know where the time is going lately .  I haven't forgotten about the giveaway it will happen some time this month .  Apart from reading and writing notes for reviews I have also been making good progress with my crafting for Christmas this year .  Some of which may appear as prizes in future giveaways on this site .   I have got a few book bargains in the end of august which were great , a few things off Amazon and a few things from The Works in town .  I got a Trio of Star Wars book from the Aftermath series for £10 I am looking forward to starting on those .  The darker evenings are starting to happen and I love this time of year because I can relax with my scented candles burning and read, craft and watch some films or binge watch TV seasons I need to catch up on .  

Hello , What I've Been Reading, Doing And Buying .... 18th July 2018

Hello Everyone .  I had a few problems but I think they are resolved now , or I hope they are !   Apologises for not updating for a month or so but I am back now , again I hope !!  We shall see .   I've been catching up on my ARCs and writing reviews on paper so I will type some of those up now .  I am working on getting some prizes for a giveaway which should be appearing for you next month so keep your eyes open if you would like a chance to win 😀  I have been doing well with my ongoing reading challenge too so I treated myself to some more bargain books on Amazon .  I have donated a lot to charity as well so I feel good about that .  The weather has cooled down quite a bit which I am glad of as it was making me quite ill .