I have been absent for a month due to my health , we have had some really hot weather recently !  Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway happening in the coming weeks for reaching over a thousand visitors ! 

Life and reading update - 9th June 2018

I celebrated my birthday on the 3rd of June and surprise I never got gifted any books and I didn't buy any either 😋  I decided that I have plenty here to be going along with plus I can borrow some from the library .  I'm currently reading some off my shelves that I picked categories out of my tin for , I have quite a heap !  I was bought a planner ( a Harry Potter one ) for my birthday so I have been filling that in with all the E books I still have waiting in my Emails !  OOps sorry authors but I will be getting round to your books very shortly now .   I am slowly getting through typing up all my reviews so you should see yours quite soon .  

Re-joined The Library , Borrowed Books That Are On My ' Want To Read ' List -- 28th April 2018

I've wanted to re-join the local library for a while now but never quite got round to doing it ,  however I finally got myself in there and I'm really glad I did 🙂  I think this will enable me to get books off my Goodreads ' want to read ' list quicker because I often pick a book of my shelves that isn't on my list so never really getting any off my list .  The 5 books I borrowed this time are all from my want to read so that will be 5 down 😀  I also borrowed an audiobook which was Terry Pratchett's Hogfather ,  I am listening to that as i type this for you my wonderful visitors . 

Oops I bought more books !!! Catching up on all my ARCs and possibly more books incoming next weekend !

Today is the 13th of April 2018 .  Apologises again for the delay in my blog updates and my reviews I have been struggling with my health and the symptoms are aggrevated by prolonged use of my laptop so I have to be a bit careful .  

For the last few weeks I have been reading quite a large amount of ARCs that I had pending on my iPad which is good, I now have read and written draft reviews for a lot of those which I will type up very soon .  If you are an author and you are still awaiting my review of your book , it will be typed as soon as possible .  I have hand written them but still need to type them . 

I went to The Works which is a discount shop that sells books, craft supplies, stationary and other gift items .  They had a 6 books for £10 offer so of course I had to be in on that !  I just chose 6 random books so here's hoping they are good ones . I went in again the other day and they have a 80% off on marked items sale so I picked up another book and an audiobook which was only £3 , the paperback was £1.50 .  Bargains !  

On Friday the 20th ( Next Friday ) we are off to the city of Bath ,  I looked up second hand book shops and there are quite a few so I will be in my element there .  I hope to find some that are on my Goodreads ' want to read ' list .  

Health Problem Recurrence , More Book Buying And Lots Of Reading...

1st March 2018 --  Apologises for my absence recently I have been experiencing a recurrence of my health problem and it has meant I cannot spend a long amount of time on my laptop without feeling terrible for a few days !  So I haven't been able to update my blog or type up any of my reviews etc ,  that doesn't mean however that I haven't been reading, reviewing or buying more books 😀  I currently have around 15 reviews to type up .  I have been charity book shopping again and got about 10 in the last week .  I have received some Ebook ARCs from authors and publishers too which I am getting read and reviewed ASAP !  

We are having some bad wintry weather here in the UK , today it snowed a lot !  Its the kind of weather I just want to stay in with mugs of coffee and a big pile of good books .  

New Year - Many, Many More New Books !!!  23rd Jan 2018

Happy New Year everyone !  Bit late - I know oops sorry but I have been busy reading, reviewing and buying lots more books 😀  I made several orders on Amazon for used books I didn't have from my TBR plus A LOT of charity shop purchases .  I made a mistake while ordering a Manga on Amazon and an Italian copy came through my letterbox haha !  But I recently very luckily found an English copy of it on eBay so I snapped that one up its due to arrive end of this week then I can read the complete set of Saiyuki .  This year will probably be the time for me to complete a few more sets of Manga as I brought most of them as odd volumes from charity shops and can't read them yet .  In the UK though they are expensive and hard to find !  I am still doing well with the reading challenge I devised for myself and I've picked up several titles that would of otherwise stayed sat on my bookcases so I think it has been a successful idea .  I have done a few book swaps with people of Facebook which is fun and I will be continuing with that when I have books read that I don't want to keep in my library . 

Merry Christmas :  What I did, What I read ...  26th Dec 2017

I had a nice Christmas and I hope those of you who celebrate it did too .  I had a wonderful turkey dinner at my mum's house on Christmas Day and spent the day there which was lovely .  Today - Boxing Day I was at home .  I mainly had Money from my family which I spent on Amazon gift cards , I used a large chunk of it to buy the Groovi starter kit (  it's for doing parchment craft )  but there will probably be a huge book haul in-coming as I intend to get quite a lot with the remaining £25 😀 I will included a list and photos of those as they arrive through my letter box .  I must apologise as I have realised that as I do the book reviews I am not added the book covers photos to my gallery , I AM working on taking those photos and will add those very soon so keep your eye on the photo gallery .  I read quite a few books in the Festive period ( leading up to and during ) at least 4 or 5 .  I completed quite a good amount of my book challenge categories as well as reading some new ones .  Reviews and ratings are above ( see contents bar ) 

1st Dec 2017 -  It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ........

Brrrrr .... It's really cold here now !  I'm sitting typing this to you with a nice hot mug of Beanies coffee , Cinder Toffee flavoured .  Its very yummy !  Well Today my Christmas feeling has begun and I put up my christmas tree ,  But first I went into town because I forgot where the bag went with all the tree decorations in so I bought new baubles etc .  I am watching christmas films as i'm typing this 😀 

Tomorrow I hope to do some crafting (  It's my second love after reading ! ) I have a few cards to make for my family .  I'm not sure whether i'm going to make paper crafted one or cross stitched ones yet , we shall see .  

I downloaded a lot of free Christmassy e books on my Kindle Fire last night so I hope to read a few of those in the coming weeks .  I also got my very lovely Everyman's Library edition christmas stories book from Amazon in the post .  

21st Nov 2017 - Update on the book challenge and other news ....

I am doing very well with my book challenge , very pleased with my progress so far and beginning to make a dent in my Goodreads ' Want To Read ' list .  I am trying to read another at least 4 or 5 books before I break for Christmas .  Of course I will not be stopping my reading during the festive period I expect I will actually read a bit more because I don't enjoy watching much television as it is all repeats or I already have the films on DVDS .  I'm hoping to get gifted a lot of books this Christmas ( hint hint 😉 )  and any money I get gifted will more than likely be spent on books too .  I have actually unhauled a big bagful that I already read which I donated to a charity shop and I also gave away about 7 books to friends of mine in the last couple of months too in anticipation for my hopeful incoming book haul 😀 I still need to get my other bookcase so I can organise myself a bit better too .  

My recent pick from the catagory envelope for the reading challenge was :  Read a book without an ' E ' in its title .  I am reading Baltic Mission by Richard Woodman it is an historical war fiction .  

Update on The Book Challenge - Nov 3rd 2017

Just a little update on how i'm getting on so far with my neverending book challenge .....  I'm actually really pleased with my progress I managed to finish reading Paper Towns by John Green earlier this evening which was for the ' Read a book with a title starting with P '  so I will be picking my next catagory before I go to bed ready to start reading that pick tomorrow whatever it might be this time .  Its actually really quite exciting and i'm glad I decided to do it this way .  I've completed 5 challenges so far and thats 5 books read that would have otherwise sat on my shelves or on my Kindle for a considerably long time !  

As I said last time ... if any of you want to join in at any time then you will be welcome , you can either read a book of the catagory i've picked for myself or you can request me to pick you another catagory .  just email me ( details are on the home page ) or message me on Facebook .  You might just be in a reading slump or not know what book you want to pick up next if you have lots like I have .... maybe I can help you by picking you a one off catagory .

I don't have a way that anyone can add comments on here but I made a facebook page for this website so feel free to add posts on there and comments (  must be book related - of course ! )  

The Neverending Reading Challenge Started Early ......  and other news ......

I finished the book I was reading so I decided to start doing my reading challenge earlier than planned .  The first category picked was :  Read a book with a season in its title .  I picked The Butterfly Summer by Harriet Evans ,  we've been having quite horrendous weather recently so a summery read is very welcome !   I am almost finished and excited to find out what category I pick out the bag next .  Haha I planned to put them in a gift box I found but I went a bit OTT with writing the categories 😋 I don't do things by half !!!  sooo now they are in a big padded envelope/bag .  

I was getting low on space on here again so I transfered some of the very first book reviews I did onto the facebook page to free up a bit more space for the newer ones I have to add .  I will continue to do that as I add more and more newer reviews . 

I have been buying some used books from charity shops ,  well at 3 for £1 how can I say no ??  and the charity shop still has its ongoing buy 2 and get 2 free promotion ,  I can't resist that either 😀  I'm hopeful I will get some sells on eBay because I desperately need another bookcase !!  

I have also been very lucky with ARCs lately so as well as reading my book from the neverending reading challenge I must also read some of those and review too .

My Reading Challenge - The Neverending Reading Challenge !!!  Starting Nov 2017

My TBR is now humongous so I have decided to devise a kind of random way in order to pick up some of the books that might otherwise stay on my shelves forever !  Soooo ...  I am currently thinking up a lot of different categories i can pick out of a box to help me do this .  A couple of friends have given me some wonderful categories so far ,  if you can think of any then please let me know on NovelNatterlr facebook page .  

I will be picking my first category after i've finished the novella i'm currently reading which is Finessing Clarissa ( The School For Manners ) by M.C.Beaton which was kindly sent to me by a friend 😀 its quite funny I will type a review up very soon so look out for that one .  Once I pick the category I will add a photo of the picked category and the book I have chosen to fit that category ,  once I've finished reading it , I will of course review and rate it here and then I will pick another category out the box and so on and so on . 

I decided to do this for myself to help me lessen my TBR and to experience books that I may not have picked up even though I own them 🤨  however if any of you are in a reading slump or want to join in with this crazy challenge then either email me and let me know you want a category ( email address is in the home page )  or put a post on NovelNatterlr facebook page . 

New releases I'm most interested in for the months of October, November and December 2017

October Releases : 

I Am Watching You By Teresa Driscoll - Crime Thriller 

Wild Beauty By Anne-Marie McLemore - YA Contemporary

Manhatten Beach By Jennifer Egan - Literary Fiction

Warcross By Marie Lu - YA Sci-Fi

Satellite By Nick Lake - YA Sci-Fi

Uncanny By Sarah Fine - Sci-Fi Thriller

Odd Child Out By Gilly MacMillan - Thriller

The Rules Of Magic By Alice Hoffman - Literary Fiction ( I've already read the ARC copy and I loved it - See review for information )

Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns By Julie C . Dao - YA Fantasy

All The Crooked Saints By Maggie Stiefvater - YA Paranormal Standalone 

This Darkness Mine By Mindy McGinnis - YA Romance

Turtles All The Way Down By John Green - YA Contemporary

The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine - Psychological Thriller (  I currently have an ARC of this book that I need to get around to reading )

The Book Of Dust : La Belle Sauvage By Philip Pullman - YA Fantasy

The Afterlife Of Holly Chase By Cynthia Hand - YA Paranormal

The Glass Spare By Lauren DeStefano - YA Fantasy

Beasts Made Of Night By Tochi Onyebuchi - YA Fantasy

November Releases :

Renegades By Marissa Meyer - YA Fantasy

Three Days And A Life By Pierre Lemaitre - Psychological Thriller 

Bonfire By Krysten Ritter - Thriller

Whichwood By Tahereh Mafi - Middle Grade

Artemis By Andy Weir - Sci-Fi

Some Kind Of Wonderful By Giovanna Fletcher - Women's Fiction

December Releases :

The Girl In The Tower By Katherine Arden - YA Fantasy (  I currently have an ARC copy of this waiting to be read . )

The Girl In Times Square By Paullina Simons - Women's Fiction

The Love Letters Of Abeland And Lily By Laura Creedle - Contemporary Romance .


Well there you have it ...  The books for the next few months that caught my interest .  Some I requested and have the ARCs which I will be reading soon and i'm planning on either borrowing the rest from the library or buying with any money I get gifted at Christmas 😀

New Purchases , what i'm currently reading and other news ....  12th October 2017

It's been a few weeks since I updated my blog for which I apologise .  I have bought a few new books for my library since I last updated my news 😀  One ' new ' book set which was The Chronicles Of Ixia by Maria V Snyder which I got in The Works shop at a huge discount , the whole book set was just £15 instead of almost £50 !  I also got a few secondhand books from the 3 for £1 charity bookcase at the local Sainsburys supermarket .  

I am currently reading a lot of creepy books due to it being the month that Halloween is in .  I am almost finished Twilight Breaking Dawn and to be honest it has been quite a struggle to get through ,  I am not enjoying it as much as the other three in the saga but of course I have to finish it as its the last book !  I have been reading some ARCs as well in between of which the reviews are now in the book reviews page two section . 

Tonight I made an order to Amazon for 3 more used books at one penny each ( plus of course the postage which is generally around £2.80 )  I ordered two by Alice Hoffman who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I've wanted to read ' Cinder ' by Marissa Meyer for the longest time and i managed to find a penny copy tonight so yaaay i'm happy ! 🤩  

23rd September 2017 :  Moans and groans about buying new and used books !! And other news

Stickers/price tickets and advertisements on the cover: 

I really hate this !!  It depends on the type of cover but it always leaves a sticky residue or you can't quite get the sticker off without leaving some behind or tearing a bit off the cover .

Most charity shops have visable signage by the bookcases/shelves stating how much they are so no real need to add price stickers too !

Shops selling new books put allsorts of stickers on their books .  Although I personally have not had any issues with removing any of those .... So far except for on the shiny covers they can sometimes leave a sticky mark depending on how long they have been in the shop .  

I'm sure i'm not the only one who has had issues with this subject !!


Books that have been " Mistreated " !!!

I get sad at the state of some of the books I see in used book shops and charity shops, sometimes I will buy the most distressed looking ones .  I've seen all of sorts of things that people have done to books .

I was reading one not long ago and someone had marked the page by turning over the corner of about four pages altogether - as if one wasn't bad enough ... Right ?  That annoyed me !  Maybe I will do a whole article about good " taking care of books " at some point .

I've had several books that children had scribbled and drawn/wrote in too .  Many people would just say " Oh they are just kids being kids "  I say NOOOOOO !  Parents - teach your kids to respect and read books, not to deface them with their " ART WORK " .  If they want to be creative then make sure they have paper handy and not books !  

Which now brings me to my biggest pet peeve at the present time .....


Using books for something else other than to read them !

There seems to be somewhat of a trend right now for using books in crafts . Such as book folding and just tearing up old books to use the papers for craft projects ! 

I personally hate this, don't you think we should be reading these classics instead of ruining them !  I have quite a few really old books in my library including a Greek myths and legends one from the 1900's, it's falling apart but I wouldn't dream of wrecking it for craft purposes .

I just don't understand why people do it, why not just buy some scrapbook papers you can get nice designs ! 


Other News ....

I have been really lucky lately in winning quite a few books on various websites , one arrived in the post yesterday but I have about 4 others to read however before I get to it !  At the moment I am still reading TWILIGHT : ECLIPSE but I am almost finished , I had to stop and start with that one a little due to having to read some review copies that needed reviewing .  

The weather here has been a bit crazy !  but the perfect reading weather for me .  Autumn is almost here so I am looking through my TBR books finding some suitable for this time of year .  We are also trying to have a major blitz upstairs as I want the spare room sorted out so I can get a few more bookcases in there !  Plus maybe I will start doing some videos for you on YouTube but I have nowhere good to film at the moment !  I'm currently working on sorting that out though ,  I have some bits and pieces on eBay that i'm unhauling so if you're from the UK then you will be able to buy those if you see anything you like .  My eBay seller ID is rukia192012   Proceeds from all sales will be giving to various small charities in my local area . 

September 2017

I made a start on my TWILIGHT saga books , because I recently got the movies ( apart from the final parts ) in a charity shop but I wanted to read them first ,  They have been on my bookcase for a few months now but I was reading other things .  I have finished the first and second ( TWILIGHT and NEW MOON )  Reviews can be found in Book Reviews Page 2 !  I loved them both and I am currently about 100 pages into the third book, ECLIPSE 

I made another second-hand books order on Amazon last week and they have since arrived , I'm happy with all of them .  I ordered a Dean Koontz omnibus with 3 books in it, and a few others too which I will add to my amazon orders list on here eventually .  

I'm also trying to catch up with my ARCs that are waiting in my Emails for me to read and reviews so I have been reading a few of the short story ones in between the TWILIGHT ones . 

I'm still trying to find time to start my novel writing , I'm hoping to start that next month as I have a great idea for a story and I need to get it out my head and down on paper or typed !  

25th August 2017

I went into town today and picked up a few books in the charity shop , which were £1 each .  I got two hardbacks which are as good as new and a paperback ,  the hardbacks were :  Book 1 in the Magisterium series - The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and Enid Blyton Collection ( Three exciting stories in one )Adventures Of The Wishing Chair, The Wishing Chair Again and Stories For Bedtime .  I absolutely loved The Wishing Chair books when I was little and to see this book I just had to pick it up !  The paperback is an almost new copy of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater , I heard mixed reviews about it but I want to read it for myself to see what I think .  I have The Raven Boys but I haven't started that yet .  Last night I turned on my Kindle Fire and went into the store ,  I had a session of typing random words into the search bar and seeing what came up for free 😀  I actually got a lot of really good sounding ones , maybe I went a little OTT but whatever they can stay on my Kindle for as long as it takes for me to get to them haha .  That's another handy book buying tip for you all ... If a book is free on Kindle then snap it up even if it is an odd number in the series as some don't stay free for too long !  I missed out on several that were free the last time I looked but I didn't get them and now I regret it so get them free books while you see them ! 

June, July and August 2017

I was very excited to have won a prize in a prize draw on one of the survey sites I regularly participate in back a couple weeks ago , I won £150 , probably not much money in some people's eyes but to me it was great !  My reaction was one of elation , anyone would of thought i'd won a million on the lottery haha .  The first item I bought when it had been transfered into my bank, was a Kindle Fire HD tablet .  The one I chose is red and black it's really lovely , i'd wanted one since they first came out and seeing as my first Kindle was beginning to have issues I needed a new one .  My old one had serious issues with me browsing the Kindle store and would crash after me looking for about 3 or 4 authors !  Not good .  I'm really happy with my new one though and already downloaded way too many of the free e books 😀  and some for less than £1 .

I am currently reading 3 different books ,  two e books which are a graphic novel called Water Memory by Mathieu Reynes and a middle grade novel called Living The Secret by Jo-Marie plus a paperback which is a Manga and is called Demon Diary by Lee Chi Hyong it is a 7 volume series but they are quick to read . 

I am in the process on writing several book reviews and composing more articles for this site 🙂  I'm also making plans to write a book or two , I used to do a lot of creative writing but life happened and I haven't pursued it for a while .  Time to put pen to paper I think !  

Book buying advice , where and how to find the bargains !

£15 instead of £48.94 !  One of my birthday bargains .

I'd say the majority of the books in my library are used , I can't afford to buy new books often except on my birthday and Christmas when I get gifted money and/or giftcards .  June was my birthday month so I went a little bit crazy with my book buying haha !  

My first and most important advice would be ... Take Your Time don't rush and make sure to look in all your shops which sell books to compare prices before you make your final purchases .  I was very glad I did this because I picked up two new big book boxsets of very popular series for extremely low prices .  

I usually take a look around the charity shops once a month , I have recently found some great bargains in those .  My second piece of advice regarding shopping in charity shops is ... If you see books you have been looking for then pick them up ... I've missed out on so many because quite often they have odd books in the series and many of us would think "  oh no i need the first one i can't get that one yet "  my advice ...  buy them anyway !  it's always good to have them in your library ready and waiting ... Right ?  

Be sure to check in supermarkets , other places and your local library ...  I've picked up a lot of books from my local supermarket , they have a bookcase just inside the door and you never know what you are going to find there !  I've got some great ones ,  they are only 50p each or you can get 3 for £1 , the proceeds go to a good cause . 

Every few months or so I am able to do a big book spree on Amazon with E-Vouchers I receive through reward websites , I do online surveys to achieve this .  They are quite boring to do but if you get on with it you can build up a lot of points to exchange for voucher codes . My advice for shopping for books on Amazon is .. Look carefully !  Make sure you explore your buying options , read the small print and consider used instead of new ! ... On my last Amazon book spree I got about 9 books for £40 that's including all the postage , all the books arrived in nearly new condition so  as you might imagine I was incredibly happy . 

Lastly ..  Of course there are plenty of free E-Books available online , I got so many for my Kindle in June !  There are other reading apps where you can read free E-Books too .  I like the app ' FanFiction ' which I recommend to anyone who likes that kind of thing , there's also the option to add your own stories on there if you are a writer . 

Happy Book Shopping 😀

I hope my advice is as useful for you as it is to me . 






My bookish childhood, favourite genres, favourite authors

You can replace this image with one of your own.

Throughout my life, my taste in genres hasn't really changed that much .  As a child I loved fairy tales and animal stories .  I can remember having all the ' Ladybirdbranded books on my book shelf .

My mum and I were chatting about my childhood and books the other day, she recalled that one of my favourites I would always ask her to read to me was ' Chicken Licken ' haha !  I can also remember loving ' The Enormous Turnip, The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, among many others .

In my primary school years I liked Enid Blyton books particularly ' The Wishing Chair ' and ' Tales From The Faraway Tree ' . ' Charlotte's Web ' by E.B.White was also a favourite .

In my teens, I'm not sure if the genre ' Young Adult ' actually existed ! I read adult books .  I still love those authors today , I read books by Terry Pratchett, Virginia Andrews and Stephen King mainly . 

I enjoy a wide range of genres now although fantasy and sci-fi are my favourites .  I think there's only two genres i'm not too keen on and have to be in the right mood to read them and they are contemporary and non-fiction , generally but depending on the theme of these two genres I can find them extremely depressing and that's not good for me .  I much prefer to read fiction that is set in a different realm because it's good to get away from reality for a little while sometimes ... Right ? 

I have been really blessed lately and have met some new authors on social media , I got to read and review their books which was exciting, you will be able to read all my book reviews in another section of my site . 


Books I bought from Amazon with my last lot of E-Vouchers

As I previously mentioned I do online surveys in order to exchange the points I earn into Amazon E-Vouchers so I can buy more books , It generally takes a while to build up enough points for a decent amount of vouchers but it's well worth it .  Here is a list of the books I purchased over the last few months ( Amazon orders only ) :

Skellig by David Almond  ( signed copy )

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

The Voyage Of The Jerle Shannara : Morgawr ( Book 3 ) by Terry Brooks

The Dragon's Path : Book 4 of the Dagger and the Coin by Daniel Abraham

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Thirteen Days To Midnight by Patrick Carman

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

The Book Of Lost Things by John Connolly

Robin Hood according to Spike Milligan by Spike Milligan

People Of The Wolf by Michael W Gear

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Volume 1, 2 and 3 by Keitaro Arima

Chobits Volume 1 and 2 by CLAMP

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

The House Of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

The Spook's Apprentice ( The Wardstone Chronicles book 1 ) by Joseph Delaney