Welcome to my site , it's great to have you here !

I'm a huge fantasy and sci-fi fan

Hello my fellow book worms 😀❤

Thank you for visiting me here , it's much appreciated .   This is my very first site 😀 it's quite exciting ! 

I'm Leah ,  I'm from the UK , I am really passionate about books and reading ! I have wanted to make a website for a while now and when I recently hit a landmark birthday I was determined to start doing this .

As well as loving reading and books, I am a big movie fan ! The Star Wars ones, being my favourites, I collect all the merchandise.  I am also a huge fan of Anime, Korean, Japanese, Chinese dramas and movies .

I learnt to read at a very young age !  I could recognise words before i was a year old, I'm sure everyone's heard of the joke about learning to read out of the TV guide, right ? .... well that was me and how i learnt Haha .  I couldn't talk but i would apparently, according to my mum be able to point to where the childrens TV programmes were and point out my favourite ones while making excited noises .  My parents then encouraged my enjoyment by subscribing to several reading clubs for me which I still remember because they were fun .  I had lots of flashcards to help me with talking and reading .  I always had a big library of books from childhood until now .

Obviously tastes change as we grow !  I will pretty much still read anything though , apart from at the moment I don't enjoy non-fiction much .  I prefer to read books where I can escape to another world with non-humans for a little while .

What can you find on this site ?  I am including any bookish news , reviews on books i've read and recommendations .  There may be some giveaways too 😀

I am very happy to review ARC copies from authors if you would be interested in having your books included in my review section .

So again many thanks for joining me , I hope you will tell all your bookish friends too .

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Email : leahritchens@yahoo.co.uk 

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My Goodreads account can be found as Leah Ritchens 

I often have books and other things on Ebay for sell .  My seller ID is rukia192012   I'm sorry but I only have a UK only selling account at the moment . 

Anyone who kindly wants to send me any used or new books for review please email me at  leahritchens@yahoo.co.uk 


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